Usability testing: Do it simply and effectively

10.00 - 15.00
Impact Hub Athens
Friday, September 18, 2020
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The software development process leads to a software product or service targeting specific people as users. If users cannot use it, it’s meaningless. They don’t get the value from it and they feel frustrated.

How can we test that software is usable and valuable for its users? The answer is "Usability Testing". 

This is a workshop where we introduce you to usability testing methodology and the practical value of it.

This is a pre-event of WeTest.Athens Conference 2020

Usability testing, the cornerstone of UX testing methods, is a long-established and empirical method where real users use software products under specific conditions.

No matter if you use a conventional waterfall workflow or Agile approach, usability testing will help your product design & development team to:

  • Observe users performing real tasks with the software.
  • Check if users can actually use the software and complete their goals.
  • Identify usability problems & bugs and prioritize these problems.
  • Get the data & insights you need in order to build a better software product.   

In this workshop, we introduce you to the basic types of usability testing methodology and the practical value of it.

We follow a balanced approach: Theory accompanied with lots of practical examples and hands-on practice by running a real usability test on real digital products/services

In this workshop you will learn 
  • Choose the right type of usability test
  • Plan, set up and run usability tests
  • Track usability and UX metrics
  • Analyze and report findings from usability tests
Who will benefit 
  • Software developers
  • QA engineers
  • Business Analysts
  • UX and UI designers
  • Project and product managers
1. The concept of usability and usability metrics
2. Types of usability testing
3. Creating a usability testing plan
4. Conducting a usability test:
  •       Recruiting participants
  •       Setting up equipment and preparing data collection
  •       Running usability test sessions
  •       Analyzing and reporting findings
5. Time to Practice: Prepare and run your own usability test
6. Takeaways to apply in your own work
Impact Hub Athens

Dr. Panagiotis Zaharias

Founder | UX Researcher

Panagiotis started his career as an academic UX researcher pursuing a Ph.D. in the field of Human-Computer Interaction. He worked in several European research projects and after the completion of the Ph.D. degree, he started teaching in Universities in Greece and Cyprus. In parallel, he started to provide consulting services on UX Research & Design as a freelancer working with several companies and startups. He is a published author (60+ scientific papers and book chapters) and a frequent speaker at several national and international conferences, workshops, and UX-related events. He is also the organizer of the largest UX community in Greece, the so-called Athens UX Community

Antonis Birmpas

UX Researcher / Art Director

Antonis Birmpas has worked for advertising agencies since 1999. In recent years he turned his interest in designing user interfaces for websites and applications. His main goal is to create products that serve both the client’s business plan and user’s needs thus creating memorable experiences for everyone. He loves it when aesthetic meets ergonomics.

Fees Include 
  • Copies of slides, notes and resources

  • Certification of attendance

  • Coffee, tea, light lunch & snacks